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The Natural Fertility Centre aims to help couples identify factors which may be preventing them from conceiving and to suggest natural help remedies to overcome these.

The therapies used to improve fertility are reflexology and homeopathy and we encourage couples to modify their diet to include more nutritious foods (organic where possible) and

also to eliminate toxic substances they may be coming into contact with in their daily lives. We also recommend a range of supplements to improve reproductive health.

At the Centre we recognise that fertility issues are delicate and personal to each couple and we therefore treat all our clients' problems with total confidentiality and sensitivity.

Spring Gardens Clinic, Simmonds Rd
Canterbury, Kent
Pamela Mousley, BSc (Hons), LCH
Tel: 01304 825256
(5 - 7pm is best)
Judie Barnes, BA, MAR
Tel: 01227 639780
(6 - 8pm is best)
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