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How can Reflexology Help?

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SARMs Liquid vs Capsules Dublin

There are plenty of theories in the SARMs community about which form is better when taking them, with plenty of anecdotal evidence to support either side. But which state is more effective?

Studies have shown that taking sarms in a liquid form leads to quicker and more effective absorption and optimization rates. There is no need to break down liquid SARMS before assimilation into the body; hence assimilation occurs much faster. Visit https://dublin.direct-sarms.com/sarms-liquid-vs-capsules/

Why is it so Popular?

In reflexology, every organ and gland in the body can be mapped out on the soles of the feet. These are known as Reflex Points and areas of tenderness on the foot indicate an area of possible imbalance in the body. By applying gentle pressure on the reflexes, the therapist corrects imbalances in the body, restoring health and revitalising energy.

Amongst other things, reflexology:

  • can target specific organs in the reproductive system
  • greatly reduces stress and tension which can be a factor in fertility problems
  • helps the body to rid itself of accumulated toxins, which can hinder the healthy development of an embryo or foetus


Our Reflexologist

  Judie Barnes is a graduate from Oxford Brookes University. She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists, and has been practising for more than 8 years.

She has a thriving general practice in Whitstable, Kent, but over the years has developed a particular interest in fertility issues.

Using the Danish Touchpoint system, plus Tony Porter's advanced reflexology programme she has developed and honed her treatments to include specific techniques to stimulate ovulation and sperm production, strengthen the pelvic girdle, release blockages and balance hormones.

At the initial consultation, she will talk to the client and discuss their general health and medical history, as well as focusing on any fertility related matters.

A program of regular treatments will be set up with the client, which may be fortnightly, weekly or even twice weekly (during the week before ovulation for a woman).

The reflexologist treats the whole person, whilst dealing specifically with the reproductive areas; pelvic organs, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and the male reproductive system. The endocrine system will be stimulated, with particular emphasis on the piuitary and thyroid glands. The immune system will be strengthened and stress released, leaving the client relaxed and refreshed.

Of course, every client is unique and a personalised treatment is required.

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